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Lyrics:     Superstar

I have the feeling, that you are the one
You're really special, you can't go wrong
You have to work,
But you reach your aim
I see your power,
Try it again
It's such a long way,
You know it all
I know the eyes of the winner
You will stand up, if you will fall
You are the greatest singer

You are my hero,
My superstar from zero
You are to me a superstar tonight
You are a winner, you'll never be sinner
Oh baby you will always do it right
Oh you're to me - a superstar
No matter if your dream is far
Oh you're to me a hero now
You reach the top, just anyhow

You connot win, if you don't take this chance
I swear you'll fell,
It's like a romance
Sometimes it's hard,
But please don't give up
It's not so easy climb to the top
I tell you only the strong will survive
Oh you are playing with fire
It is the geartest chance of your life
So you feel the desire?


Ну что Ребята,Вы большие молодцы.... Столько лет на сцене и так держаться.... УДАЧИ во всем...

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